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Canaanite Art

Canaanite bronze seated goddess.
Late Bronze Age (1550-1200 BC.)
H. 9 cm (3 9/16 in.) without tenons.
Perfect condition. Fine dark green patina with some beige encrustations.


The deity is seated frontal with raised head and joined legs, the upper body slightly bent rightwards. The right arm is raised in a benediction gesture, and the left arm is bent to hold an attribute in the fisted hand, wearing a short crown with rounded top and a long dress covers the left shoulder, across the chest and over the lower body. The figurine is modeled with elongated head and flat body. The narrow face with prominent almond shaped eyes, long arched eyebrows, straight nose, small mouth and big spread ears. The body is stylized but the arms and feet are modeled with details. A deep groove runs along both sides of the flat body.

The figurine belongs to the Syro-Anatolian group of the Enthroned Deities and Worshippers type.

Cf. Negbi, 1976, no.1467 pl. 36 (-for a god); no. 1649 pl. 50 (-for a goddess).



Negbi, O. Canaanite Gods in Metal, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, 1976.


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Canaanite bronze seated goddess.Canaanite bronze seated goddess.Canaanite bronze seated goddess.Canaanite bronze seated goddess.

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