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Early Jewish Art

Jewish Menorah glass amulet.
4th - 7th century AD.
H. 25 mm, W. 20 mm.
Intact. Minute chip at the patina of the lower left contour.
Ex. W.B. Private Collection, Canada, 1960-70???s.

The yellow amber glass amulet, in the form of a circular pendant with a loop on top, depicts in molded relief the Menorah (The seven branches lamp of the Temple of Jerusalem) in the center, standing on a tripodal base, flanked by the Shofar (ram`s horn) on the left and the Lulav (palm-branch) with the Etrog (citron) on the right.
The Menorah was a very rare symbolic motive in Jewish art and became the main Jewish symbol at the 4th century AD. It is usually accompanied with the other minor Jewish symbols: Lulav with Etrog, Shofar and Mahtah.
These Jewish symbols express the messianic hopes for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and the freedom of Israel.

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