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Roman Glass

Roman yellowish green glass goblet.
4th-6th century AD.
H. 8.2 cm. (3.1/4 in.)
Minor crack, otherwise intact. Partly iridescent.
Ex. Devor glass collection, Jerusalem, prior to 1977.

The goblet with hemispherical body with short carinated fire polished rim, on short foot with tubular ring base. The body is decorated with three sets of three blue glass drops separated by three larger drops.

Catalogued by Prof. D. Barag, Devor Collection Catalogue, May 1977.

Cf.  Israeli, Y., - Jerusalem 2003, p. 197, fig. 236, Ill. p. 154

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  Roman yellowish green glass goblet. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Roman yellowish green glass goblet.Roman yellowish green glass goblet.

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