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Greek Art

Greek silver-gilt Nike.
4th century BC.
H. 13.5 cm. (5 3/8 in.).
Fragmentary, restored on modern silver roundel.
Ex. German Collection, 1980.

The silver convex roundel with flat contour, with a bust of Nike in the center. The figure is modeled in high relief, the head in three quarter image, in repouse. Nike is depicted as a beautiful winged woman. Her head slightly turned to the left on her long neck . Her centrally parted long wavy hair gathered at the back of the head, tied with a ribbon above. The face with long arched eyebrows, almond shaped eyes, straight nose, fleshy full lips and rounded chin. The roundel is framed with a vertical continuous design of volutes, and a horizontal design of a wreath in the contour. The upper part of the head with the hair , the wing and the ornamental frame are gilt. Nike is finely modeled in a very lively way. The turning movement of the head emphasizes the powerful jaw and the anatomic lines of the neck. The details are depicted with fine incision.

For Greek silver- gilt repouse figures of similar style, Cf. Carlos A. Picon et als. Art of the Classical World in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY 2007, no.171, p.152.
For the style, Cf. ibid, no.198, p.171.
For Greek gold and silver figures in similar style and technique, Cf. The Search of  Alexander, an exhibition catalogue, 1980, figs.13, 20, 21, 31, 33

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  Greek silver-gilt Nike. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Greek silver-gilt Nike.Greek silver-gilt Nike.

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