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The Sasson Ancient Art Gallery deals in ancient art and antiquities from the Near East, Egypt, the Classical world: Greek, Etruscan and Roman, as well as with early Jewish and Christian art, from the early Byzantine period. This website presents a selection of the gallery collection. The gallery is located in the art galleries district of Jerusalem, in the King David Hotel. It was founded in 1981, by Gideon Sasson.

Gideon Sasson, third generation in the art trade in Jerusalem, graduate of the Archaeological Institute of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, completed his studies for M.A. in Classical Archaeology, in 1978, and founded the Sasson Ancient Art Gallery in 1981.
Gideon Sassons' experience in ancient art began in his childhood, being involved with the family collections, inspired by his father, Joav Sasson, who was at the time the leading antiquities dealer in Israel. Gideon Sasson specializes in Classical bronzes and ancient glass, and he is the expert for ancient art of a leading assurance company. He has had a major part in the formation ofInternational Association of Dealers in Ancient Art several important ancient art collections, and among his clients are museums, collectors and dealers worldwide. He has exhibited in international art fairs,as TEFAF Basel, and he is a founding member of IADAA (The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art), and a former member of its Executive Board.

Sasson Ancient Art Gallery: Biblical and Classical antiquities; Near Eastern, Early Jewish and Christian art.
Terms and conditions of sale.

The authenticity and condition report of every object in Sasson Ancient Art are unconditionally guaranteed by Gideon Sasson. Objects in this site are in perfect condition without repair or restoration, unless stated otherwise.
Every object is accompanied with a certificate, which certifies the authenticity of the object and the condition, as catalogued.

All objects in the Sasson Ancient Art gallery are of legal provenance.

Gideon Sasson is authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The  objects in Sasson Ancient Art are registered at the Israel Antiquities Authority, and each object will be legally exported from Israel, with the approval of the Authority.

Works of art are checked and certified by the Art Loss Register 
 that they are not registered as stolen or missing (with the exception of minor items).

Prices quoted in this site are for export, and do not include VAT. Shipping and insurance are additional.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer, or by Visa, AmEx or Master Card credit cards.

For purchase, or for any further information, please Contact Us.


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